Public Address System at Oyu Tolgoi

GGTech made successful bid to install Public Address system in Central Heating Plant (CHP) at Oyu Tolgoi Site.

Initial site survey presented multiple challenges for installing PA system at CHP, one of OT site’s most important facilities. For example, noise level in Boiler house and 3 levels of conveyors was very high which could possible to interfere with speaker sounds; and installation had to be carried out without interfering existing processes and other ongoing projects.

We proposed our MAG6000 IP Network PA System, features TCP/IP compatibility, no limit on zone management, comes with abundant audio source, programmable timing function and integrated with new model of control unit comes with number of features. Considering size and location of each facility inside and around CHP and noise level in each room, we designed 7 zones each with own 2000W power amplifier which can be centrally controlled from server room.

For Administration building which located across the road from CHP, we used our popular IP Network terminal with built-in amplifier and it made it easy to connect to central server via OT’s existing network infrastructure.

All of our speakers are rated IP65 and dust and water proof, suitable for industrial area.


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